talking talking talking to myself

Hey guys how have u been? Are u ready for Christmas? :)Now, I'm tidying up my messy room n thinking of stuff to do.Actually now is break time n checking blogs! inspired:p

Before I felt like changing my life like someones really fabulous life and being really cute n finding someone for the one. 
why am i me and face is like this and whatever ..blah blah blah...see someone cuter than me n lose self confidence n get it again n...yea waste of time.

now i feel my life is just for me so i should make myself happy.
just forget about my complex or something...
of cause i should try hard to fix problems but yea

just relieved.
i cant change that i am me.

thinking thinking how to make myself happy n comfortable! 

Cheers for everything !


p.s. i will write something about restaurant soon! :)