talking talking talking to myself

Hey guys how have u been? Are u ready for Christmas? :)Now, I'm tidying up my messy room n thinking of stuff to do.Actually now is break time n checking blogs! inspired:p

Before I felt like changing my life like someones really fabulous life and being really cute n finding someone for the one. 
why am i me and face is like this and whatever ..blah blah blah...see someone cuter than me n lose self confidence n get it again n...yea waste of time.

now i feel my life is just for me so i should make myself happy.
just forget about my complex or something...
of cause i should try hard to fix problems but yea

just relieved.
i cant change that i am me.

thinking thinking how to make myself happy n comfortable! 

Cheers for everything !


p.s. i will write something about restaurant soon! :)


Tiem com Vietnam here I came!

Recently I just wrote about food or restaurant..haha
Somehow how are you doing guys?:) kinda midnight now..
Today I went to Tiem com Vietnam w/ fam n friends :)
I've never been there or kinda same restaurant. woop!
Before I ate many weird stuff in China though :P
I heard coconuts ice cream is awsomest! wowwww

I took too many picts so I just put some of them:)

Tiem com Vietnam



Y's fab girls @Amber

hey girls wats up?:) last night I attended kinda girls talk party w/o Andy. lol 
I love this kinda meets yeay :)) awesome! w/ two cute girls(Airi-san n Mayumayu).
this restaurant is first time 4 me but i like there! <3 near the theater!
and topics are really simple, talking about love affairs! lol
xmas...my enemy season! where is the one? :/ ←

next fri we are gonna go to see new Harry Potter so im trying to read book in
english cuz japanese one i dont like it so much.. sometime happened.
n fri night we(ymca girls) will attend middle class of matt..
ive gotta take advanced class though.. sorry matt! haha

this time's restaurant is...
you should check it out men! :)

today imma go to ymca class n yoga w/ airi-san <3
kinda great weekend eh?:P haha

have a pretty day!


Hey Apples!

@Nagano French restaurant

1-Drinks: Apples (non alcohol cocktail)
2-A la carte1 burdock's soup
3-A la carte2 mushrooms mousse 
4-Main Ram
5-sherbet (I forgot to take a pict)

L'art de la saveur (http://www.art-saveur.com)
 Check it out guys! ;)



New Nail

For yest's date, I got new nail polish yeay :) "He" likes red nail so every time I meet him, I get red nail! haha This times polish is MaQuillAge nail color RD451. so easy to paint, n looks great :) check it out!



Sports day

 I had a sports day in our college but we had to go to another campus so its kinda tiresome day.lol Most teams are just boys teams, we couldn't win! We are GIRLS TEAM. We had also extra points cuz we are girl ...hmm this system didn't work so well. Somehow yea I had nice time with my friends n snacks! lol Hoped next time's sports day will be held in our campus. AHHHHHH muscle pain I have now!! x(



Welcome to my blog

Hi girls, what's up? I'm Melanie(kinda my English name), 18 y/o, Japanese girl, and it girl wannabe. I am not gonna write something on my blog everyday cuz I'm lazy. lol Might be my blog will be about fashion, like everyday outfits, music,my poor English or Chinese, school or love or something like that but main point is fashion. maybe.

Now I'd like to write my plan on this week yeay! Later I'm gonna start to do my H.W. Actually yest I took a nap so long time(7:00pm~1:30am) so I didn't do anything. OMFG.

Oct7th (Thu)-School day
Words test, presentation meetings, gotta go to shop to get a gift for my mam, English school

Oct8th(Fri)-Sports day
Enjoy sports w/ my class mate, English school

Oct9th(Sat)-Day off
Dentist, English school, yoga lesson, have coffee w/ a friend

Gonna go to see "Knight & Day" w/ my bf

Oct11th(Mon)-Day off
Just relax n study for English STEP test

Tooooo many things to do! I'm toast! lol Hmm it's time to do my H.W....:(
Thank you for coming to this blog!