I will get new hair style :)

Hi girls what are you doing? This morning I was a little bit busy because I called a lot of hair salon to check their menu. I really wanna get new hair style like sook, ELLE girl blogger! She is really cute, don't you think so? At least, I found the hair salon and I will book for it. Woop woop! I really like this feeling-CHANGE! If they don't have good hair extension, I should give up one of fabulous hair style though..anyway, it's gonna be fun!
You can check sook's blog. She is really cute!
fashionlovin: http://ameblo.jp/fashionlovin/

See you soon! Be good <3


Stuff I want for spring 1

Painted Polka Dot Skirt

ラウンドヘム パッチポケットスカート マーク ジェイコブス

Now I'm feeling like wear tight skirts! So I got some picts that I really want to buy. I've never tried this kind of skirts so I wanna try it. Actually I'm planning to change something for more adultly looking. Before some said I look like child so I need change,somehow. I couldn't find out flour paint skirt but maybe I can buy it soon. Girls, which one do u like the best? Plz let me know :)



Dancing w/ my shoes

Fabulous news! I really wanna introduce a web site. In this site, you can make your own shoes. AND! It's not so much expensive! Wow!I really like such a fabulous site like this because girls sometimes are broken yea? WE NEED FABULOUS AND LESS EXPENSIVE SHOES! We have rights to buy nice shoes eh? Please try making your design! It's the one in the world. Can you believe it? Anyways you should! check it out! girls!



It's been while!

Hi girls! How have you been? Now I got a flu so I can't go out anywhere. Kinda hell! I lost chance to take camera test of model but yea maybe next time I can go..hopefully. I have many stuff to do! I NEED shopping firstly, and, and, yea hang around is needed methink! I'm gonna go out next weekends! Wow thats sounds really exciting!:) I have a free coffee ticket of SBC so yea of course I should go there and chillax. I didn't wear high heeled shoes. sad. BTW I got Far East Movement's new CD! w/ Japanese subtitles will be sold in March23th I heard. yep, it's import one. Ah! I remember that I got new make-up stuff last ...when? I forgot!lol You can check it out!