Y's fab girls @Amber

hey girls wats up?:) last night I attended kinda girls talk party w/o Andy. lol 
I love this kinda meets yeay :)) awesome! w/ two cute girls(Airi-san n Mayumayu).
this restaurant is first time 4 me but i like there! <3 near the theater!
and topics are really simple, talking about love affairs! lol
xmas...my enemy season! where is the one? :/ ←

next fri we are gonna go to see new Harry Potter so im trying to read book in
english cuz japanese one i dont like it so much.. sometime happened.
n fri night we(ymca girls) will attend middle class of matt..
ive gotta take advanced class though.. sorry matt! haha

this time's restaurant is...
you should check it out men! :)

today imma go to ymca class n yoga w/ airi-san <3
kinda great weekend eh?:P haha

have a pretty day!

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