Shayong's now!

 Hi girls! It's been while. I started kinda new life so I didn't post anything on this blog. Feel so sorry. I have another blog (celly one) so if you wanna know my daily life, please check here (http://blog.crooz.jp/peanutbutter) out. I'm sure I've been busy so there are no post recently.lol And that's blog is written in just Japanese.(sometimes English tho) so it's kinda good Japanese lesson for you.haha Anyhow, I have some news about me. Some is love affairs, other is silly stuff.lol Now I'm crush on a new guy. I donno what he is thinking on me but I can be totally nuts about him. I'm gonna meet up w/ him on next Sunday so now thinking what i should wear for it. Can't wait! Second, I'm planning to change my hair style again. No more hair extension. NO MORE! So I wanna be bob hair. When I get new hair style, I will post about it! :)

 Just 2 stuff I wanted to let u know. I'm gonna try to keep using this blog n another. See you later!


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